What Can ClickBank University 2.0 Do For You?

What Can ClickBank University Do For You?

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a performance marketing company where people promote their products (Vendor).  The vendor also allows people (Affiliates) to promote their products with the aid of affiliate links.  The link is unique to you and you get an affiliate commission if anyone click your link and makes a purchase.

How To Make Money With ClickBank Affiliate Links?

Most people think that all they have to do is get an affiliate links and show it all over social media.  This is absolutely not the way to do affiliate marketing.

If you do this you may get your page banned from social media for being a spammer.

If you go on sites like Facebook you will see all the people spamming everyone.  No one is going to click on those links and then the spammers say affiliate marketing does not work.

They are just lazy.  They don’t understand how to do affiliate marketing.  They just see some people making loads of money online and think “Hey that looks easy, I will give it a go.”

There is a better way than trying to work it all out for your self and getting frustrated.

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Introducing ClickBank University 2.0

Lets have a look at ClickBank University 2.0, how much it costs, what do you get and is it worth it.


How much does ClickBank University 2.0 cost.

The cost to join is $47/month

On top of that there are upsells that cost $594.

The program offers two sorts of training.

Firstly their is training for those who want to create their own products.

You would create your own Ebook or video training course and then sell it online.

The other type of training, and this is included in the price, is affiliate training which teaches you how to sell someone else’s product and make a commission from every sale you make from someone clicking on your affiliate link and buying the product.  This is a legitimate way to make money online.

This will teach you how to sell as an affiliate and then you can go on to successfully sell other affiliate products from different affiliate companies.

One thing that worries a lot of people, and that includes me, is what happens if you sign up to ClickBank University 2.0 and are not happy with the program?

With many programs people sign up for, once you have paid the joining fee, that is it.  You have paid your money and it is gone for ever.

ClickBank University 2.0 is different.  If you are not happy with the program for any reason, they offer a full money back guarantee

This means that there is no risk to you.  You just have to put in a request for a full refund..

What Do You Get Once You Have Joined ClickBank University 2.0?

There are 4 main sections to ClickBank University 2.0 (CBU).

Section 1 

This section is for people who want to create their own products to sell.

It is a 12 week course where you will learn how to create your own products to sell on ClickBank.

You will learn important things like how to come up with great products, structuring the funnel and sales process and scaling scaling your profits through joint ventures and split testings.

You should have a product up and running and ready to make you money within the 12 weeks of this course.

Your sales funnel should be complete including the upsells and downsells as well as a logical re-marketing sequence.

Section 2 

This is designed for people who want to make money as an affiliate.

This section of the course lasts for 8 weeks.

This is for people who want to sell other people’s products.

The advantage of making money from other people’s products is that you do not have to spend time creating a product, testing it to see if it is going to sell, designing a sales page etc.

The only draw backs are that you do not have other people selling the product for you and you only get a commission of the full price of the product.

In my opinion, this is the best way to start with affiliate marketing.

This module concentrates on teaching you how to sell highly profitable products.

All you need to do is to sell one of these products a day.

Remember, you can post as many affiliate links as you like each day.

Clickbank puts great great emphasis on building your list and how to sell products to your list.

This will enable you to make an increasing income.

Section 3

This section looks at what is most probably the most important part of internet marketing.

That is traffic.

You will learn how to drive large amount of traffic to your affiliate offer.

You will learn things such a how to run Facebook ads and how to increase your sales from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands a month.

Section 4

Tools Module

This is an area that shows you how to carry out certain task by showing you a series of “How To” videos.

Bonus #1 

Weekly, live Questions and Answers webinar.

The webinars are held by Adam and Justin.

This is where an get advice and feedback from professionals.

These webinars are live but recordings are also made for those who cannot attend the webinar when it is live.

Bonus #2

Private ClickBank University Facebook Support Group

Members of CBU will have access to this forum as well as a private Facebook group and can discuss issues with each other.

Is the price of ClickBank University Fair?

Many people think the course is over priced.  They are the same people who do not want to pay for anything.  I think those people can be ignored.

There are many similar courses that require you to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Therefore I think $47 a month is very reasonable.  There are of course the $597 upsells if you want to get the most out of the course.

Remember that you can cancel the course at any time.

Are there any limitations to the course?

There a few limitations to this course.

1) It only looks at paid traffic.  I think it would be much better if they had a section on how to make money with FREE traffic.  If you are not comfortable paying for traffic then this course may not be suitable for you.

2) You cannot access the whole course in one go.  Instead, more of the course is released over a number of days.  This can slow your progress if you want to go at a quicker pace.  They do this to make sure you go over the course in the correct steps and don’t skip over what could be essential to your learning.

My Conclusion Of ClickBank University 2.0

This course is comprehensive and well put together. It guides you through the correct sequence to make money online.  It is ideal for beginners by teaching them the correct way to make an income online.  If you are looking for way to create an income from home then this is perfect for you.

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I hope you enjoyed What Can ClickBank University Do For You?



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