What Are The Benefits Of SEO For Bloggers?

What Are The Benefits Of SEO For Bloggers?

What are the benefits of SEO for bloggers

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is a process where you can get traffic from the “Free”, “Organic” or “Natural” results from Search Engines.

Here is a video that quickly explains the basics of SEO

That gives you a basic understanding of SEO.

What are the benefits of SEO for bloggers?

How Can SEO Help Bloggers?

If you are writing a blog post there are some important things to know about Search Engine Optimzation that can boost your rankings in the search engines and get you more views and sales.

If you follow this process it an be extremely helpful in getting more traffic to your blog.  What’s the point in writing a great blog full of informative content if no one sees it?

I have listed these in the steps below.

Step1  Determine what the object of your  goal. That could be :

  • Attract more visitors
  • Win over people on a particular topic
  • Trying to promote a product or service
  • Share some important news that will be of interest to readers#
  • Answer reader’s questions
  • Contribute to a question that people are asking

You first have to decide what goals your post is about before you start writing.  Make sure you know what you are going to say and what points you want to get across to your target audience.

There is nothing worse than a blog post that is full of waffle and goes around the houses to reach a point.

You could start your blog post by outlining what the reader ca n expect with bullet points.

For example you could begin with something like:

This post will look at

  • The primary objective
  • How to achieve that result
  • The final outcome

You can then create sub headings and explain what the problem is and how to overcome it.

Step 2 Determine Your Target Audience

Determine the audience you want to reach.  It could be loyal fans, influencers, people who have the ability to broadcast your message or people you just want to reach in the future.

Remember, you want to give your target audience great and engaging content.  You have to make sure that you give superior content than your competitors.

If you can do this you will get more traffic.

As they say, “content is king”

Step 3 Do Your Keyword Research before you start writing your blog.

Having the right keywords in your blog is 70% of getting traffic.

Without traffic, no one will see your blog.

Before you start writing your blog you need to do keyword research.

You have to use the right keywords that will attract people to your blog.

It Is like fishing.

First decide what sort of fish you want to catch and then select the right sort of bait to catch those fish.

Next incorporate those keywords into your blog.

You have to do the keyword research first.

Click here to find out how to do Keyword Research For SEO.

Step 4 How To Use Targeted Keywords?

The key to using keywords is to make it natural.

You don’t have to use what is known as “Keyword Stuffing”.

This is a process where you use popular keywords too much.

You only need to use the keyword a few times in your article.

The search engines are intelligent these days.

They can pick up on the keywords if they are only used a few times.

In fact, the search engines will punish you if you try stuffing your blog with the same keyword too many times.

The best way to use the keywords is to make sure they flow naturally in your blog or web page.

Step 4 What are the benefits of using keywords and SEO for blogging?

Many bloggers, especially those who are just getting into blogging, do not pay enough attention to the SEO  aspect of it.

They might have heard about SEO, but have thought to themselves “That sounds to complicated for me.”

Yes, SEO can be complicated, in fact people set up whole blogs about how to do SEO, but basic Search Engine Optimization and keyword research is very easy.

You can do it in about 15 minutes.

The benefits are that you will get more people viewing your blog by using targeted and search for keywords.

Think about what words or phrases people are typing into the search engines.

This could be something like “What is the best xxx to buy online?”

You then just go to a keyword tool, enter xxx and see what keywords it suggests.

You then just use this keyword several times in your blog post.

That is all there is to it.

That is the very basic way to use keywords for bloggers.

This simple method will increase your ranking in the search engines.

I hope you found What Are The Benefits Of SEO For Bloggers helpful.

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