How To Make Money With Amazon

How To Make Money With Amazon


Have you heard of Amazon?

Amazon is a vast Company and it has expanded into many new areas.

It used to be just a place where you could buy and sell merchandise.

Nowadays you can actually work for Amazon.

The other good news is that you can work from virtually anywhere.

How Can You Work For Amazon?

Let us look at the possibilities.

To begin with there are Amazon Virtual Jobs.

There are many jobs available from Amazon.

You just go the Amazon jobs page and see what is available in your area.

Some of the jobs that they offer are office based but they also offer some work from home jobs.

There are jobs available throughout the World.

However, like all jobs, there is no guarantee you will be accepted.


Now lets look at:

How To Make Money With Amazon Merch?

No, that is not a spelling mistake.

So what is Merch?

Merch is a service that Amazon provides all over the World.

It is a service that allows you to upload a design and then you can choose what you would like it to appear on.

It could appear on T shirts, towels, cups etc.

Then you can set your own price for the products.


Next we come to Amazon Handmade

What is Amazon Handmade?

Amazon Handmade is a store on Amazon that allows people to sell their unique handmade items to the public.

You need to apply to Amazon to start selling your items.

You can do this by simply clicking the image above.

Only products that meet Amazon’s definition of handmade must be met.

There are many items that can be homemade.

Some of the include:

  • Clothes
  • Jewellery
  •  Handbags
  • Gifts
  • Toys
  • Beauty
  • and many other categories

Obviously there could be many other categories, you will have to see if yours passes the Amazon homemade test.

That covers How To Make Money With Amazon.