How To Get Blog Traffic?

How To Get Blog Traffic?

How To Get Blog Traffic

How to get blog traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic?

This post will guide you through the steps to get more traffic to your blog.

Before you start writing content for your blog, it is worth thinking about your target audience and the sort of content that they are looking for.

That way you will be able to come up with unique and interesting articles that they will love to read.

If you fill your blog with boring articles or start writing articles that are not relevant to your blog title, pretty soon you will end up with no one reading your blog.

Remember, unique and interesting articles are key to a great blog.

You want to set up a map for your articles.

Think about:

1 Who is your target audience?

2 What sort of problems are they facing and how can you help to solve their problems?

3 What sort of content are they looking for?

4 How would they normally find answers to their questions?

Having answers to those questions will give you a clearer picture of your target audience and make it easier to write helpful and informative blog posts.

You can also go deeper than the  questions above.

You might want to think about:

1 The sex of your audience.

2 Their age.

3 The level of their education.

4 Their financial status.

5 What level of expertise do they have about your blog?

Knowing the answers to these questions will enable to fine tune your blog posts to your audience and so be able to write more targeted content.

Do Keyword Research For Your Content.

Keyword research is something that many bloggers do not do.

What is keyword research?

It is a technique used by experts and content creators.

If you are wondering how to get blog traffic then you must understand this.

Many bloggers just guess at what keywords to include in their post.

This is a big mistake and you will miss out on a lot of potential viewers.

You need to use keywords that people are looking for.

What are the benefits of doing Keyword Research?

Doing proper research will allow you to:

1 Discover keywords that people are actually searching for.

2 Learn from your competitors and then produce better content than them.

3 Find popular keywords and produce unique content for them.

4 Create a series of pillar-articles to drive steady traffic to your blog

There are lots of paid and free keyword tool to help you with your research.

One that I would recommend is Ubersuggest.

It is very easy to do keyword research.

You just enter a keyword, your competitors URL or even your own URL and it will suggest keywords to use in your articles.

If you want further information about how to do keyword research click the link below.

How To Do Keyword Research For Your Blog

How To Start Writing Your Blog Posts?

When people first start writing blog posts they are very enthusiastic.

In fact, they can be too enthusiastic.

You have to learn to pace yourself.

Otherwise you will suffer from burnout.

Start with one or two articles a week.

Don’t write any more than that. great content.

Make sure that you are writing compelling, unique and original articles.

That way you will get the most subscribers because you are writing useful and interesting content.

Create Your Content Ahead Of Time.

When you are writing blogs, you need to be pro-active as opposed to being reactive.

What does that actually mean?

Being pro-active means preparing your blog ahead of time.

That way you will be able to think about what your blog post is going to be about.

Look at blog posts in a similar niche to your and see what they are talking about.

See what people are saying in the comments area.

Are they asking questions?

If they are, try writing posts that will answer their questions.

Make a note of their page URL.

Then when you have written a post answering some of their questions, leave a comment in the comments area of their blog, saying something good about the blog and a link to your blog post saying that certain questions were not addressed and to go to your blog post to get the answers.

A lot of people read the comments in blogs and their is a good chance you will get free traffic from that blog post as the readers click on your link.

Try doing a search for blog posts in similar niches to yours and leave appropriate comments with links back to relevant articles in your blog posts.

How To Structure Your Blog Content?

You should structure the content for your blog pages with what are known a pillars.

These are the most important articles in your posts.

You need to choose the most popular, relevant keyword for your article so that your post will be found by the search engines such as Google.

Failing to do keyword research is one of the main reason a lot of blogs fail to get traffic.

Don’t  make your blog articles too long.

If your blog post is over 2,000 words think about spitting it up into more articles.

A great way to increase followers is to give them a snippet of what to expect in your next article.

If you write engaging content then they will come back and read your next post.

Try and post your articles at know times.

That way the reader will know when to expect your article.

Try and get the person to sign up to your Email list.

That way you can contact them with other offers the might be interested in.

Don’t try and sell them something with each Email.

A good ratio is send one piece of content, then a free give away and then one sale.

Try and do this once a week.

If you want to get things to give away click here.

I hope you found How To Get Blog Traffic? helpful.

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