Make Money Clicking On Buttons

Make Money Clicking On Buttons

This article looks at how you can make money using a site called Usability Hub.

Let us start by looking at how Usability Hub works.

You give feedback on a variety of thing.

It could include things such as looking at images, giving your opinion on web sites such as is it easy to navigate, advertising campaigns and much more.

The feed back is given in the form of taking a simple test.

All the tests are then assimilated and the results are given to the company that requested the information.

You can also make money by clicking on adverts.

Let us have a quick look at this.

You are given a series of images that you click on to make money.

Underneath the image their is a question that you need to answer.

You click on the advert, answer the question and submit your answer.

The range of questions is quite varied and include things like which image do you prefer, answering questions about a marketing campaign or picking what you think is the best logo.

How do you get paid to click buttons?

You get paid in credits.

Each credit is worth 10 cents.

Once you reach 100 credits you can make a request to withdraw your money.

You are paid via PayPal.


This is one of the easiest sites to make money online.

There is plenty of support if you get into difficulty so why not sign up today?

I hope you found Make Money Clicking On Buttons useful.


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