How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog


 How To Start A Blog

Blogging  is not something you should enter into lightly.

It takes time, commitment and planning if you want to become a blogger.

Writing a blog is a long term commitment so make sure you are prepared to put in the work.

This article will show you How To Start A Blog.

The best way to start a blog is with WordPress.

Make sure you do not use WordPress.Com.

It is much better to use WordPress.Org.

WordPress is free to use.

Next you will have to choose a name for your blog.

Take your time in deciding on your domain name.

It will be the name of your domain for as long as you run your blog.

You have to choose a domain name that is applicable to your chosen subject or “niche” that you are going to be writing about.

Check  out this article from WordPress about choosing your domain name.

Choosing The Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

There are many places where you can choose a domain name.

It is often better to get your domain name from your hosting company.

Here are two that are recommended.


Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Hostgator, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing and a free domain name through my link.


Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Bluehost, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing and a free domain name through my link.

Just to clarify, a hosting company is somewhere that you keep all the information about the web site and actually puts it online.

A domain name and a hosting company are both required to put your web site online.

There is a small cost for both of them.

They can be paid for one month at a time, but it is more economical to do it for longer periods.

Once you have got your hosting and domain name, make sure you keep any Emails they send you.

You will most probably need this information to log in to your blog.

How To Start Blogging

When you first start your blog you will have to choose a template for your blog.

Most hosting companies have a selection of templates for you to choose from.

Make sure that you choose a template that is applicable to your niche.

Before you start writing your blog articles there is a bit of work you need to do first.

One of the first thing you need to do is create an “about me” page.

This should include things like your history, what experience you have, where you would like to be in a years time and why people should read your blog.

In your “about me” it is worth having a picture of yourself.

Why do you need a photo?

People like to know who they are getting the information from.

Having a photo has been shown to increase your chances of getting more followers.

Now you are ready to write your first post

Writing Your First Post

Do not try to sell anything in your first blog post.

Chances are selling straight will damage your credibility.

Instead, start off by introducing yourself.

Even a short introductory paragraph can be enough to give your readers an idea of what they can expect.

Tell them why you are blogging and what your blog is about.

The reader has to get to know you first and over time they will come to trust you.

Put in words like “First post” or “Welcome”,  so your readers will know right away where they’ve landed.

Your blog is launched.

Now the work begins.

Now is the time to start planning your blogs.

You have to start thinking about a schedule for your blogs.

Make a plan for what you are going to write about in the next two weeks.

Jot down ideas, possible titles for your posts, do some keyword research to boost your blog ranking.

If you are unsure how to do keyword research just read the article below.

How To Do Keyword Research

At an early stage you need to decide how often you are going to publish blog posts.

You need to be consistent with your posts.

Try and publish them on the same day and the same time every week.

That way your readers will know when to expect your posts.

It is all too easy to start writing posts every day, but that could mean posting around 5 – 7 every week.

You have to think long term.

Are you really going to be able to publish new and engaging content that often?

Don’t let blogging become a chore.

It can soon become detrimental to the content of your site.

When should you try to make money with your blog?

As stated earlier, people have to get to know and trust you so it is not a good idea to try and sell them something too soon.

One way of getting their trust is to start by giving something for FREE.

There are loads of sites online.

For example if your site is about making money from blogging then you could find something below.

Make Money Blogging

Please note that I am no way associated with the above site.

Give something away for FREE in at least your first three posts.

You first few posts should be giving the reader valuable content.

It is not advisable to try and sell anything in the first week.

That way the reader will start to trust you and not think all your site is about is making money for you.

From week 2 you can start to try and sell something.

The ratio you should try and use is:

  • Post 3 pieces of valuable content
  • Give away something for free in one of those posts
  • Sell something in one of those posts

Keep to this schedule.

Blogging is a long term commitment.

You have to be prepared to put in the work.

You have to put in the effort to come up with new articles that will engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.

How long should your blog be?

That depends on the blog.

It needs to be long enough to get across all the relevant information.

Do not pad it out just to make it longer.

Just write relevant content.

Only insert images if it will help to get a point across for example a fashion blog or something that really needs images.

Concise blogs do a lot better than those that are full of pointless waffle.

I hope you found How To Start A Blog helpful.

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