How to make money with Landerbolt

How to make money with Landerbolt


How to make money with Landerbolt


How to make money with Landerbolt

Do you want to become a super affiliate in an hour?

It might sound impossible but it is true.

Read on to find out more.

Introducing Landerbolt.

You are no doubt asking what is Landerbolt?

It is a program that lets you copy successful landing pages and funnels, make it  your own and then replace the existing affiliate links with your own!!!

You can edit it and add and remove photos.

You can change the text.

You could use it just to get ideas of your own.

What else can Landerbolt do for you?

Now before we go too far, a word  of caution.

Be careful which landing pages you use.

You could get a lot of people annoyed with you.

The best type of landing pages to “rip” are those used in CPA marketing.

These types of landing pages are all very similar so it is easy to slip under the radar.

If you are going to “rip” someones sales funnel then I would suggest making multiple changes to the look of the page.

After all, someone put a lot of effort into making the successful page or funnel.

The best place to find CPA Marketing is MaxBounty on Bing.

One of the most popular products is to promote weight loss products from MaxBounty on Bing.

as shown above.

It is an easy way to start to make money online.

Other benefits of LanderBolt.

The speed at which a web page loads can make all the difference to your sales.

Fortunately Landerbolt lets you increase the speed from that of your competitors which means more sales.


It even gives you a comparison between the page you have just “ripped” and the original page.


It also has a landing page editor so you can edit anything on the landing page to make it totally unique.

If you want to see more then just click here: Landerbolt

I hope you found How to make money with Landerbolt useful.

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