How to Generate Leads With Little To No Traffic

How to Generate Leads With Little to No Traffic

How to generate leads with little or no traffic


How to generate leads with little or no traffic?

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process where you identify potential customers who are interested in your subject and are likely to buy something from you at a later date. It can be complicated and requires a range of different strategies for it to be effective. The key is to learn these Lead Generation Strategies.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

It is important because it will create new leads for your business.  The purpose of most companies is to make money. The next stage is to make sure you are getting the right sort of leads.

There are basically two types of leads.

  • 1 Marketing qualified leads. These are leads that look promising but are not ready to buy. They have shown an interest about your page but need to be further convinced to buy from you.
  • 2 Sales Qualified Leads.  These sort of leads that are past the basic stage of showing interest.  Now is the time to put on your salesman hat and try to get them to buy products from you.

How should You Convince Your Leads To Buy From You?

You need to give your leads a good reason to buy something from you. There are so many people trying to get leads online.

What can you do differently?

To begin with make sure it is a high quality product. Don’t just give away the same products as everyone else. If you are giving away something for free pick a product that you are able to edit and re-brand with your own name. Re-write the product to make it more interesting to your niche. Give a snippet of the product to show them the quality of the product. You could get them to sign up to your list offering them new products every  day for a week. Do not try to sell to them in the first week.

Trying to get sales too early is the biggest mistake new internet marketers make.

How to Generate Leads With Little To No Traffic is relatively easy if you follow these rules.

How to Generate Leads With Little to No Traffic

Many people will find your website by looking for interests on the search engines. When they find your website, it has to be easily searchable. That means letting people know what your website is all about on the home page. Make sure that there are heading on the main page with drop down menus so they can easily navigate their way around your website. Make sure all the links are working correctly.

A very effective way of letting people find what they are looking for is to put a search facility on your website so that people can search through the whole of the website easily. As a last resort, you could put a contact form on the website so they can ask questions directly. You must however make sure you answer these questions within 24 hours.

Opt In Forms

Some of your visitors won’t be willing to leave their contact information on your site unless they’re getting something of value in return. That is why it is essential to give something of great value to persuade them to give you their information. Remember, if they don’t leave their information you could be turning away prospective buyers. Try offering them valuable information for FREE. Everyone likes free things. It is like getting something for nothing.

Landing Pages And CTA.

If you want to increase your Lead Generation then there is no better way than having a great Landing Page.

A landing page is a crucial element of any successful lead generation strategy because it is the place where you capture the leads by collecting their contact information. Your Landing Page must have a simple and clear message. Make sure that it grabs the readers attention. Show what signing up can offer the potential new viewer. Make sure it is free from distraction. Don’t try and make it distracting.

Keep it simple.

When developing your CTA (Call To Action) make sure that they are:

  • Clear and Understandable.
  • Compelling
  • Well placed on your page so that it is easy to see.

Email Marketing

Even if you get the person’s Email, it doesn’t mean that they will be interested in your product.

What you need to do is create an Email marketing campaign. Email marketing is a way to send out Email sequences that further try to convince the prospect why the should purchase your offers. You can set out further benefits as to why it can help them. How it can help them with a specific problem. Make sure each Email is full of helpful and where possible unique information.

If you have any questions then just leave them in the comments area below.

I hope you found How to Generate Leads When You Have Little to No Traffic helpful.

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