How To Build An Email List Fast And Free

How To Build An Email List Fast And Free

How to build an email list fast and free


how to build an email list fast and free

A lot of people either do not know how to build an Email list or they don’t think it is important.

This article will tell you how to build an Email list and why it is important if you want to get more followers and make money with your blog.

Let us begin with why you need an Email list?

Why Do You Need Your Own Email List?

Many people might think they have an Email list from having lots of followers on things like Facebook and Twitter.

You might think that all you have to do is promote to your followers and you will get loads of sales.

That is not true.

A majority of your followers may not really be interested in buying anything from you and also the followers do not belong to you and the companies have the power to delete your account and you will lose all the people you are trying to sell things to!!!

That should be a major concern to you.

Over night you could find you have no one to send your promotions to.

How to get over this problem?

The answer is to build your own Email list.

Why A Personal Email List Is Vital.

  • You‘ll Easily Get Messages to Customers.
  • Get Visitors to Return.
  • Email Is Personal.
  • Huge Companies Love Email Lists.
  • You Own Your Email List.
  • You’ll Make More Money.
  • Email Builds Trust.
  • Get Familiar with Amazing Marketing Automation Software.

How To Build An Email List Fast And Free?

The first thing you need to do is choose an Email service provider or CRM. 

These include services like Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp. Before you sign up to a provider, always make sure you can export your Email list in case you want to change providers.  There is no point in losing all of your list if you want to change.  Aweber is ideal for first timers to get started and the first few weeks are FREE to see if you like it.

Create something useful to give away for FREE in return for someone giving you their Email.  This needs to be something relevant to the information you are going to be sending them.  It can be a video, Ebook, .pdf or something like that. for each list.  Do not send them something like an Ebook about dogs if your list is about how to make money online.  Make sure that the free gift is very useful and not just something they can download for free anywhere online.  The more valuable it is, the more likely you are to get their Email.

Set up a Landing Page.

This is also called a Squeeze Page or lead capture page.  This is a page that says here is the free gift you are going to get.  To download it just enter your name and Email in this form. That way you can get the details of the person.  It is best to to keep it to name and Email.  The more information you ask for the less likely they are to subscribe to  your list.  Most Email service providers provide with editable templates so that you can change the look and feel of your form so that it will fit in with the list you want to create.  You can create as many lists as you want and can create new landing pages for each list.

Call To Action. (CTA)

This is where you encourage people to sign up to your list.  For example, you might have a blog post about How To Work From Home.  In your article you could put your landing page with a message like ” If you want to know the 10 best work at home jobs just fill in the form below” .  Then send them something like a .pdf of the best work from home jobs.  They are obviously interested in what you are talking about, so what better time to get them to sign up.  You could put the form at the top of the page and the bottom and if it is a long article, in the middle as well.

Rinse and repeat. 

The last tip is to repeat this process on every piece of content that you put out.  Encourage them to sign up and get the free gift.  Remember to make sure that the gift is applicable to the subject you are talking about.  You can have different sign up forms and free gifts on different pages. You want to start with one gift in the first place until you get established and then expand at a later date.

How Long Will This Take?

This takes time to build your list.  Things will not happen over night.  You will require time, patience and consistency.  It may not seem as if it is working initially, but keep at it and you will see results.

When you have got a sizeable list you can cross promote to different niches with your Email service provider.  Just make sure that if you are promoting something that is appealing to the groups.

I hope you found How To Build An Email List Fast And Free  helpful.

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