How Do You Become An Email Marketing Maestro?

How Do You Become An Email Marketing Maestro?


What Is Email Marketing?

How do you become an Email marketing maestro


How to become an email marketing maestro


This post will take you though the steps you need to take to find out how to set up an Email list and be able to make money with your own blog. The key to a great blog is to be able to make money with it. If you post valuable content consistently your Email list will keep following you.

It is essential to try and post unique content and not just rehashed versions people can find on any blog. The same is true of Emails.  Make them unique and interesting. Set up a schedule so you post at the same time each week. Don’t try to sell with every Email. Give things away for free and link to other sites or pages within your own blog. Try and plan your Emails a week in advance.

The definition of email marketing strategy:

“An email marketing strategy is a set of procedures that a marketer identifies and follows to achieve desired marketing goals with email advertising. This plan of action gives the businesses a direct channel of communication with prospects and customers for brand promotion”

This basically means that that the person sending out the emails has a better ability so send out relevant emails that may be of interest to the subscribers.

The key to email marketing strategy is to build your own email list. That means that people who join your email list are interested in you, your blog and what you might be selling.

How do you build your own email list?

Many companies build the email list based on their name and reputation. For example Tescos, Burbury and other big companies.

Unfortunately you do not have a big brand name.  Chances are, no one has heard of you.  You are just a small fish in a big ocean.

How can you build an email list when no one knows who you are?

Unfortunately you will have to start from scratch.


The best way to start is to have a call to action on your blog.

The best way to get started is to give away something for free on your home page. You offer them something for free. This could be a free ebook .pdf etc. that is relevant to the subject of your blog. It is no good offering a free book about fitness if your blog is about wood working.

You can then offer different sign up forms for each post on your web site.  Be a bit subtle about this, don’t make them too in your face.  You could do this by putting the form at the bottom of the page or ones that slide onto the page after the reader has been on the page for a certain amount of time.

You could even add an exit pop up that appears when someone tries to leave the page.   This means the reader would not be distracted while they were reading your post. You will have to play around with this and see which method gets you the most sign ups.

What to put in your call to action?

A majority of blogs and web sites are not that serious. They are not trying to make some ground breaking point.

You can inject a bit of humour or sarcasm in to your call to action.  For instance, if your site is about weight loss you could have a pop up with two choices on it. They could be “no thanks, I am happy being over weight and unhealthy” and underneath you could could have “Yes please help me lose weight and get my sexy body back”.

If you are over weight there is only one box to tick.

How to optimise sign ups?

Ironically, you don’t want to put sign up or subscribe on your form.  It is a lot better to put “Download my FREE ebook about …” or “Access my exclusive offer about …”.

That way you are making it a bit more individual and lets the reader know what they are going to get.

Make sure you include your call to action on your home page.

An important tip to remember.

One thing that really irritates me is to make sure there is an unsubscribe area on any emails you send out.  I get so annoyed when I find I am no longer interested in receiving emails and cannot unsubscribe. Making unsubscribing easy will reduce a lot of complaints to your email auto responder and can damage the reputation of your site.

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How to grow your Email list


I hope you found the information in How Do You Become An Email Marketing Maestro?

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