DotCom Secrets Review – Your Guide To Sales Funnels

DotCom Secrets Review – Your Guide To Sales Funnels


Review Of Russel Bronson DotCom Secrets

What is DotCom Secrets?

Someone who has created a successful online business and can credibly explain what works and what doesn’t is Russel Bronson.

Russel Bronson created his book, DotCom Secrets, to show people how they can make money online.

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Who Is Russel Bronson?



Russel Bronson is a successful entrepreneur.

He set up his first business when he was at college.

It was a simple business potato gun DVD’s.

That was the bug that made him go on to make money online.

From there he started to scale his business selling everything from T-shirts, supplements etc.

He then went on to create his highly successful ClickFunnels.

He is now worth over $350 million.

Let us look see what is inside DotCom Secrets.

Section 1

The first section you will come to is all about values and ladders.

It gives a visual representation of how this works.


People will not buy something expensive from you until they know and can trust you.

That is why you should start offering them low priced or free items first and then as they begin to trust you, you can then sell them more expensive items.

Russel Bronson then goes on to introduce the sales funnel.

Section 2

This section looks at Your Communication Funnel.

The first thing to do is create an attractive character.

Your persona will help you build your following.

There are 4 key elements to building an attractive character.

These are:

  • Having some form of backstory.
  • The ability to speak in parables.
  • Being able to share your character flaws as well as your good points.
  • Is a polarising figure.


The second half of this chapter goes on to look at effective Email secrets to keep the reader engaged.

This is called the Soap Opera Sequence.

The key idea behind the sequence is to keep each email open-ended and entertaining.

This will encourage the reader to open the Emails.

You also need to send Emails to to maintain your relationship with your subscribers.

This is called the Daily Seinfeld Sequence.

If you don’t keep in touch with your Email list there is a possibility that they will unsubscribe from your list.

It is essential that you make your Emails both funny and yet informative.

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Section 3

This section looks at funnels and the secrets to building a successful sales funnel.

The secret to creating a successful sales funnel is to leverage a funnel that someone has already created.

There are 5 elements to do this.

DotCom Secrets shows you how to reverse engineer your competition’s funnel to create your own funnel.

It then goes on to show to the 7 steps of a funnel.

The key here is to understand each phase of the process.

Understanding this can mean the difference between success and failure.

It is also essential to understand the spending traits of your subscribers.

Creating a funnel for your business is a matter of mixing and matching the different blocks together.

Section 4

This section looks at the Funnel and the scripts that go with them.

Find out the psychology behind how they work.

DotCom Secrets makes it easy for beginners by providing templates that you tailor to your own business niche.

One thing that is essential to making money with your Email sequence is to have what is called a one time offer. (OTO)

The one time offer as the name implies is an offer that is shown only once.

This installs a sense of urgency into the reader because if they don’t take advantage of the offer NOW, they will miss it forever.

Going back to the sales funnels, there are 7 funnels that are looked at.

These are :

  1. Two Step – Free plus shipping Funnel.
  2. Self Liquidating Offer Funnel
  3. Continuity Funnel
  4. The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  5. Invisible Funnel Webinar
  6. Product Launch Funnel
  7. High Ticket, Three Step application Funnel

These funnels are based on Russel Bronson‘s own real world experience.

The Two Step – Free plus shipping funnel is the exact same funnel he uses to sell DotCom Secrets (and ClickFunnels) himself.

In effect, Russel built a funnel to sell ClickFunnels using ClickFunnels.


Section 5

This section is basically an advertisement for ClickFunels.

It’s the software for creating the types of sales funnels that Russell has been teaching you in the book.

How Can You Make Money With DotCom Secrets?

The section on creating an Attractive Character and using Soap Opera Sequences and Seinfeld emails can be used by any online business.

Another way is to promote DotCom Secrets is to promote it with the affiliate program.

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I hope you enjoyed DotCom Secrets Review – Your Guide To Sales Funnels






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