How To Make Money Selling Photos

How To Make Money Selling Photos


Why would anyone want to buy your photos?

Photos are very useful for adding to blogs, adverts and post.

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

People are always on the look out for great photos.

Whether they are just run of the mill photos of something or things that are a bit different.

They could be photos taken from unusual angles or photos of rare events.

No two photos are ever exactly the same.

Where can you sell photos?

Selling photos online is big business.

There are many web sites that actually pay you money for your photos.

One of the best is ShutterStock.


Shutterstock actually pay you for your photos.

Check through your old photos and see if you have any that might be suitable to Shuttterstock.

You may be wondering what sell best on Shutterstock?

Click below to find out.

What sells best on Shutterstock?

In order to sell your photos, they need to be of high quality.

Small, blurred grainy etc will not be accepted so don’t waste your time with those.

They need to be of great quality.

Shutterstock gets offered thousands of photos, so why should they buy rubbish photos?

They have a reputation to maintain.

Before you submit a photo, make sure you can easily describe it.

You need to make the description short and snappy.

You can make a career out of selling your photos, but you have to learn to be professional in your presentation.