The best way to make money on forums

If you are serious about making money on forums then this idea is perfect for you. For the longest time I thought that I could only sell something on forums that I had, but I recently realized that you don’t have to have physical possession of an item in order to sell it. What am I talking about, well I will tell you, but this method also comes with a caution as well.

The method that I am talking about that will have you making money on forums in no time at all is called pre-selling content. Some of the biggest forums online are, and These are the three forums that I want to show you how to pre-sell content from.

The first thing you need to do is get an account, so go over and get an account that way you are all ready to start making money. Now that you have an account on all 3 forums you need to look around the marketplace on all of the sites and see what articles people are buying. Once you know the types of articles people are buying the most you simply place a thread that says 2-5 articles for sale and give the titles for them. The trick with this is you need to give as much detail about the articles that you have not even written yet, which in some cases can be very difficult.

What I have noticed works extremely well is if I post the actual word count of the articles and a brief teaser copy of the articles that way people think they are already completed and ready to be sent.  The whole reason you pre-sell articles is so that you don’t waste your time writing articles that people don’t want or need. Also a very important thing to remember is that once you get the personal message that a person wants to buy your articles you need to send them a message stating where to send the payment to and you have to hurry and get those articles written. So in other words if you are a slow typist or you are planning to hire out the work this is not the best thing for you, people will catch on to this and you won’t get much more business.

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