Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money As a Band Manager

Have you ever been out on a jog and are stopped in your tracks by a garage band? You know the ones that I am talking about, the ones that rock out and fill the neighborhood’s air with beautiful music. The one that will never be heard because the band will die in the garage their name never heard. I bet that you didn’t know that you could prevent this from happening. Get the band in the spotlight and your pockets full of cash. The biggest downfall of most garage bands is that they do not have a manager.

This is where you come in. The job of the bands manger is small but important. You will book all of their gigs, and make sure that everyone knows who they are. Every time that you get them a successful booking you are going to profit from it. The money will be handed to you; you get to take right off the top that you and the band have talked about.

Talk to all of the bars that are close to you. This is a great jump off place to get bands noticed. Make sure that you build the band a website; this is a great way to advertise. Ask the members how serious they are and tell them that you think they should book a studio. A band Cd can be sold at all of the gigs that they play. Anything thing that the band does to make money you will be making money also.

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